DevOps by 2023: What is expected?

It is a habit in any market to talk about tendencies on these dates, and the development of software and emergent technologies is no exception.

For this reason, today we will be explaining what specialists say will happen to DevOps by 2023. What is expected?

Let’s begin by recognizing the growth that DevOps technology has had in the last few years. 

According to some surveys, the increment of the compound annual growth rate (C.A.G.R.) for DevOps will be 24.7% between 2019 and 2026, and it will be flirting with a worth of 20.01 million dollars… Not bad at all! 

This sends a clear message to us: this technology, which has a unique potential, keeps getting stronger and is revolutionizing the industry of software development. That is why we are specialists in this 😉.

But, why do we bet on DevOps?

We do it because DevOps stimulates better and more communication, integration, collaboration, and teamwork among developers (Dev) and TI operators (Ops), without leaving aside clear communication and the possibility of having a better experience with the client, considering that the latter can visualize the project more clearly.

That is why businesses like HSBC have decided to sign agreements with Cloud Bees and their DevOps Cloud Bees platform since 2021, to standardize worldwide software delivery for more than 23,000 developers.

Having said all of this, let’s get to know what is expected of DevOps for 2023.

Some portals like solutionanalysts, point out that there are 10 tendencies in what is referred to as the market of operations development (DevOps).

However, we will single out what we consider to be the 5 most important ones, and we will explain why that is. 

Let’s begin! 

  1. Low Code growth: 

This comes as fast as sound. 

These are great tool to extend the benefits of Agile and DevOps.

But why with a low code?

Businesses prefer low code to develop and unfold applications through the DevOps process in a fast way, given the fact that not everyone has a team of specialists at hand, and many want to do things in the fastest and less expensive way possible.

Moreover, the creation of a piece of software is a job as delicate as a piece of art, considering that the program has to work optimally not only for the user but also for the developer. Additionally, applications are in constant change.

Many softwares use similar patrons and, sometimes, creating them from scratch for each project can be a huge investment of resources and time.

From there comes the opportunity for Low Code to resolve some of these problems.

Also, Gartner’s analysts estimate that Low Code’s market will grow from 2021 to 2025 to almost 30.000 USD.

In addition, Gartner’s people foresee that this will represent 65% of all applications development activity in 2024.

You may think, who are Gartner?

Well, they are a group of experts that, just as they indicate, help you with their tools to… ‘see a clear way to make decisions about people, processes, and technology. 

Basically, they are the best at studying processes, businesses, and technology.

In conclusion, Low Codes will give you agility and they will help you not fall behind while being an active part of the competitive software market. Once mixed with DevOps, it ends up being like chocolate and passion fruit (a perfect combination). 


     2.  IA just around the corner 

IA is more and more present. In the future, it goes hand in hand with DevOps.

Why is that? 

Because IA will replace humans as vital tools for computing and analysis, considering that said humans are not as effective to manage the large amount of data and computing that will need to be handled in daily operations.

IA will join software to improve its functionality.

This will allow DevOps teams to…:

  • Code
  • Test
  • Supervise
  • Launch

… the different softwares they are making, in a more effective way.

    3. Improve security, one of DevOps goals for 2023

Nowadays, having the right security is one of DevOps teams’ greatest challenges.

More than 50% of developers are responsible for the safety of their organizations.

That is why obtaining the right security is such a big deal.

For that reason, the practice of DevSecOps (development, security, and operations) is one of the greatest tendencies in software development for 2023, because it integrates elements of security at every stage until successfully delivering the developed solution. 

This is developed through DevOps, and it will allow development teams to detect and attend to security problems in the present, with the speed of DevOps.


    4. Infrastructure as a code: another big tendency for 2023

Infrastructure as a code or IAC, as it is known in its acronym in English, is estimated to be one of DevOps’s greatest tendencies for 2023.

But, why is that?

That is because it will allow the infrastructure to be managed and supplied automatically, and not manually as it had been done up to that point. 

The continuous supervision, the control of versions to the code that runs the development, the virtualization tests, and the administration of DevOps’ infrastructure will be better using IAC.

Furthermore, it will allow a more “face-to-face” job between infrastructure and development teams, which is vital for DevOps.

    5. Serverless companies.

If you are thinking about taking the big leap, this is one of the important challenges you will have to face: “serverless computing”.

This concept, which is a little abstract for what was known, represents the externalization of infrastructure and its tasks to external providers.

The fact that companies are still without a server as they had known before, will allow a change in their IT operations, and they will be able to take DevOps approach in a much better way.

Moreover, it will allow teams to eliminate the risks and problems related to the management of the pipeline, and to focus more on the development and unfolding.

We believe that these are going to be the 5 greatest tendencies regarding DevOps this 2023. And you, what do you think?

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