Reinvent 2022 arrives in a few days, the long-awaited AWS conference

Amazon Web Service (AWS) will hold the highly anticipated Re: invent 2022. conference from November 28 to December 2.

Why is it so expected?

Because you all know that this conference is like going to a Coldplay concert, since it is one of the most anticipated for all those AWS customers and partners dedicated to everything related to advances, news, and trends in the cloud.

In addition, it will be an ideal time to make alliances and carry out certifications, we will have the opportunity to ask these great personalities questions, more than 1,500 technical sessions, and, of course, to have a good time because we are going to achieve everything.

Will you wonder if it’s virtual or in person?

Well, it is a hybrid event, since you have both options.

If you decide to attend in person, we will tell you that it will be held in Las Vegas and they have very well-designed logistics so that you do not waste any kind of time finding accommodation, how to get to each talk and/or activity, forms of transportation, etc.

But, we know that the one who has decided to launch himself to Las Vegas has already made this investment with enough time because we are not talking about 20 USD.

We are talking about 1,799 USD.

Now if you decide to do it face-to-face, you have free access to all the master classes and talks by AWS leaders.

AWS seeks to provide the best possible experience and if you are not fluent in English, you can use the simultaneous translation that will be available for certain languages.

What kind of talks will you find from AWS leaders?

This conference to be held in Las Vegas will feature the heads of AWS starting with Adam Selipsky – AWS CEO, followed by:

  1. Peter DeSantis – Senior Vice President of AWS Utility Computing
  2. Swami Sivasubramanian – Vice President of Data and Machine Learning at AWS
  3. Ruba Borno – Vice President of AWS Worldwide Channels and Alliances
  4. Werner Vogels – Vice President and CTO of

In addition, we will find from very technical talks such as those given by Barry Cooks – Vice President of Kubernetes for AWS, and Yasser Alsaied – Vice President of IoT, to slightly more controversial topics such as those given by Candi Castleberry – Vice President of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion ( DEI) at Amazon on AI and Howard Gefen – General Director of Energy and Utilities on energy and sustainability.

What else does this mega conference offer?

Well, not everyone is work, work, work, as Rihanna would say =), there is also an after-work moment and the proposal is quite broad, where you will find:

Actividades Sport activities:


5K race: which cost of 45 USD to enter and you will receive drinks, snacks, and a shirt, you will also be doing it for a noble cause since all the proceeds will be contributed to the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center organization.


Ping Pong Competition: This competition is not something that is taken at stake, it is a serious thing and it has its playoffs and finals.

In addition, you will have recreational activities such as:

  • Comment wall, photos.
  • Dazzling digital art space.

And if this seems little to you and you still have enough adrenaline, you can go to the party with DJ and guest artists, to the games room, or enjoy the gastronomic section because “Belly full of happy heart”.

In short, as we told you at the beginning, AWS does not play carts when it decides to hold an event, it comes with all to be able to cover the demands that all attendees will have because it knows that we are a demanding public😉

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We will participate, we hope to see you there and get to know each other.