What´s Devops as a Service?

DevOps is not an independent technology or framework; it is a set of practices and technologies designed to help companies consistently provide services or products and shorten the software development life cycle. In fact, this is a paradigm that unites the different departments of the company. In most cases, DevOps integrates development and operations (hence the name), but this approach has been extended to QA (QAOps), security (DevSecOps) and other similar industries. This approach works by implementing DevOps practices using specialized software solutions. We will carefully study the implications of these practices and techniques in the next two sections.

Of all the tools currently available, this approach represents the most complete way for startups to expand their production without sacrificing quality. DevOps focuses on optimization and coordination, and startups are constantly looking for ways to quickly develop and deliver their products while reducing operating costs. What is DevOps as a Service?

While many companies find it safer to work with an internal team, building your own DevOps department can be costly and extremely time-consuming. In addition to significant costs, you may face a talent shortage and have to spend time training new employees. In particular, startups find it effective to provide DevOps services to an already experienced party and save time and critical resources.

When you decide to use DevOps as a Service (DaaS), you outsource the development and implementation process to a vendor company. The vendor brings together a competent and experienced team to design, develop, and integrate DevOps solutions and practices into your business, tailoring them to your goals.